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Johny Alexander Turmequé Meneses This is how it is called DJ Smilk, Artist that born in the city (Medellin – Colombia) In your steps, by their adolescence, a of the greatest likes of DJ Smilk, was, Sittings listening to electronic music. At the time, shortly time after, will was born an interest in your live, becoming, DJ Producer. Its first Steps like all artists were not nice, but eventually with time, was formed and created your own style. A year later, Begins to be known in his hometown. Leaving little by little and clear the name of DJ Smilk. Talking a little more in depth of his style DJ Smilk, their sound is based in the Tech House With lines the bass more pronounced, and congas demonstrating its latin beat, including with vocals cut which gives apleasing rhythm to all tracks. DJ Smilk Is currently working exclusively for Bedroom Muzik label of the great artist in the world called DJ Wady. Here is where the name of DJ Smilk grows internationally opening more doors in history as DJ Producer. Thanks the support of people, making the decision to create his own label called Dum A Dum Records, for supporting local talent and artist known. Touring in 2011 and leading 2012 are years, where DJ Smilk consolidates its own style, working so great remixes for great artist. Such as: Belocca, lissat & Voltaxx, DJ Wady, Mikalogic, Juan Ddd ….. DJ Smilk, looks forward to working strong for that is to your liking…


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