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Riccio Paolo, better know by his stage name PABLO ONE DJ,was born in Naples (Italy) on 23 august 1987. Soon he realized to be charted by the music and everything that had to do whit it. So when he was 12 he moved to the north of Italy and few years later. In 2002, he started his career as disc jockey in pubs around Bassano. In 2005, he expanded and brought his music tracks in discos in Castelfranco Veneto. Time goes on as any self-respecting artist, Pablo started not to be satisfied by his work anymore, ha wanted to artistically mature and improve his music. In 2006 he extended and started playing in discos in Bolzano, Padova and Jesolo. People got to know him in a lot of parties, contests and festival and because of this his fame started to grow more and more. Between 2009 and 2010, his career was at a turning point. he partecipated at three music festivals. Which took place in Padova and Treviso. he managed to perform in the most important events in the Arena Melody, where he keep his current position as resident dj on sunday afternoon 0423 and thank to this he showed up as guest in a further performance at circular sala 909. He support his music style (deephouse, tech house, minimal) and tried to improve himself by studying in in every possible way, keeping himself update and making it part of his lifestyle. His goal? He wants to express the emotions that he feels when he perform in front of his audience and because of this he plays his music exclusively onstage. How does he feel about the music? It’s not just a succession of notes that makes a sound, in his opinion music is life! He lives for it and he wouldn’t sacrifice it for anything or anyone… from 2011 he took part to collaborate with other DJs as: Mr Deka ( from Pauls Boutique and Natura Viva) ,Joe D’angelo(Natura Viva) ,Johnny Kaos (Amaginz Records)..and many other. He has come a long way so far that he was reached the most prestigious clubs and disco’s stages of Veneto and beyond. Since 2012 he ha been busy in the production of a kind of music which will definitely make him more famous that he already is. In his music career you can also find his collaboration in a lot of important events, such as The All Family and many other. his release were performed by various labels scattered throughout Italy and abroad .. including the start with Ade Records, then immediately he comes the Zenith Recordings and followed with Be One Records, Monique Special, joke Musique, Tief, Nopreset Records, Kore Music, Klaphouse Records. always trying to give more for music and thrilling.

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